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The Genroku era city

In memory of Kira and Akaho, mourning festival and open-air city are performed with Ryogoku, Kira's house trace this year.

Sponsorship: Mutsumi Matsuzaka※

Support: Association of Sumida-ku, Sumida-ku Tourism Association, Ryogoku town assembly, Kiracho, Nishio-shi, Aichi, Ako-shi, Hyogo, two or three Koizumi fair, ryosanwaka*, higashiryokokuhachicho*, ryoichi*, ryoni*, ryoshiwaka*, senichi*kai, Enoshima fair, matsu*kai, phase Buddhist services on the Lotus Sutra and the Mahayana Sutras, both wives person region, both two women's society, two or three sorority, both four women's society, court noble corporation fair

※Mutsumi Matsuzaka: It is group of friendship of town assembly middle-management executive established for festival of 3, Ryogoku Machiuchi God.

[the Genroku era city]
We hold every year around Kira's house ruins who became stage of making a raid for two days of Saturday and Sunday of the second week in December. In venue, sightseeing corner, chanko stand, stalls more than 80 stores including direct sale of vegetables stand in a row including clothing or daily miscellaneous goods, food, and cooperation raises funds at the end of the year to depend so that reception and sake offered of amazake resemble, and it is year-end charming sights.

[Kira festival]
We protected lord and gave up life as well as royal retainers in uchinyu and, as memorial service of vassals of 20 sacrificed Kozukenosuke Kira, came to be held in total with Genroku era City from 1973 (Showa 48).
In front of monument of vassal, incense stick for incense-burner is prepared on that day.

[Memorial Service for the Forty-Seven Loyal Retainers]
In Kira's house ruins who became the stage of making a raid as memorial service of both families of forty-seven ronin 47 person and Kira vassal 20 person on day of making a raid of December 14, it is held every year from 1934 (Showa 9) by Ryogoku alliance town assembly sponsorship.
We call guest in Mayor Sumida others ward with ceremony and perform shukushi*jo by chief priest of Ushijima Shrine and, after the end, perform reception of amazake.

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