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[plan exhibition] The world of daily life - yumanju diary of the 18th century soul

During until December 14, 1787 just before to die from January 1, 1775 when yumanju (*banhashira) became 21 years old born in 1755 when current soul was called Hanyang hanyan, we continued writing diary for about 13 years. yumanju named own diary "kinei fumuyon" and, until not only daily events but also tangle in heart, recorded scrupulously plainly.

At this exhibition, we take up one year of 1784 among precious diaries which yumanju left and introduce everyday life of scenery of Hanyang and people who live there through his living yellowtail. We display figure of yumanju which also lived in this time hard faithfully in district with various information coloring society at the time while and we struggle while acting as husband in place of father who started for his new post to move into new house for even slightly good living environment or failing in employment examination for government officials examination, and being depressed.

5F plan exhibition room in Tokyo Edo Tokyo museum permanent construction exhibition room

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