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Japan-Korea traditional arts interchange stage "paramuko dance story" - chosentsushinshi

The curtain rises at 19:00 on Friday, November 29, 2019 and opens at 18:30
Hikifune Cultural Center

Like morning dew, flower fragrant vividly,
Men who dressed up pass way….
They believed.
What is not reached as errand by foreign people.
- - sea to recall was just causing
Star light of port which we let go by
Wave and dance to shake of the sky
Finger of drawn bow
Oh, figure of an island blooms…"Our stage in the chain of islands"

"tsu" hatsunagukoto (conect). Believing "sincerity" (belive).
How have Korean Peninsula and Japan ever exchanged greetings with encounter, look?
…Flexible dance is sent across the sea. Rhythm to undulate replies more than time. The stage stands up with surprise, and half-forgotten joy revives.

Purpose of current performance
Of Hokusai of Mount Fuji that memorable year, chosentsushinshi 170 years set sail for current performance after the death of Hokusai Katsushika and look at is strongly charmed to yearn, and Japan, Korea, performer, the staff of staying in Japan Korean and join forces, and talk about dance, music of Ryogoku, and create works in "Hokusai and chosentsushinshi" in new performance with story. chosentsushinshi which lasted 200 years was registered with the UNESCO world memory inheritance on Korea day.
We read chosentsushinshi and, through wonderful traditional arts of Ryogoku, reflect the origin of Japan-Korea interchange.

The Imperial Court dancing "spring bush warbler dance" (chunemmu)
All the members ensemble from contest of "party of interchange" small hand drum and chango, the Genroku era cherry blossom viewing dance and dancing in Korea
Monkey pre-dance
Peaceful dance
"tasurumu" purusechuru performance
"panku" samurunori performance
(we have change in program to some extent in performance.)

Ticket price
◦Advance ticket 4,500 yen
◦Today's ticket 5,000 yen
◦Student discount coupon 3,000 yen
(we give present for 1,000 yen equivalency to the first 50 people to Korea, customer of folk costume wearing of Japan.)
※After the ticket purchase, we do not refund under any circumstance.

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2-15-10, Shinoharahigashi, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi
080-5695-1999 Friday
Email → kim.chungang@gmail.com

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