Event information

Ryogoku, child tradition festival

Saturday, October 12, 2019 holding <rain out>
Venue Ryogoku city core center open space
Held time 12:00-16:00
No charge for admission

Edo X child X tradition
Edo is festival that we specialized in culture of the sum in Ryogoku which was downtown that we cut.
We want children carrying the future from this town where the best and tradition breathe to tie traditional culture

■Dressing experience (of 500 yen per person) of princess experience kimono speculation
■1 yen coin last joke game once 100 yen without blank
■Samisen "shamiko" where child splits open in five minutes experience society (seberupiko)
■Matcha experience 300 yen of tea house
■Japanese bookbinding book sale
■Business trip Kibi dango shop
■Fun performance 14:00 ...

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