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100, Mukoujima flower garden "autumn hand-molded earthenware experience"

We put together in 100, Mukoujima flower garden in the autumn season for outings, and ceramics ever holds event "autumn hand-molded earthenware experience" to reproduce a done part of "grilled Sumida River" in 100, Mukoujima flower garden.
To autumn hand-molded earthenware experience-based holding, can take a ceremonial photograph in livery (know) of metropolitan garden original again; carry out "taking a ceremonial photograph with garden short coat".
In commemoration of visiting, please enjoy photography that you did against a backdrop of scenery of garden.
Do you not mention history of 100, Mukoujima flower garden while enjoying autumn garden taste?
We look forward to your participation.

Autumn hand-molded earthenware experience
The date and time: From Saturday, October 12, 2019 to 14th Monday (holiday) from 9:00 to 15:00
※It is finished as soon as it becomes capacity in stormy weather cancellation, every day

Place: The God of Wealth and Longevity your home (fukurokujusondo) side

Contents: We have unglazed container paint and print by kiln while you see the garden.
You can take work home on the day.
In addition, kiln printing uses thing which reproduced figure of kiln which has ever performed the Sumida River roast in garden.

Lecturer: Takeshi Hasegawa (ceramist)

Entrance fee: Elaborating product 800 yen (road according to fee for entering kindergarten)
※On the day you can take work home.

Capacity: 60 every day (first-come-first-served basis on that day)

Participation method: On the day we register at held place.
※You may have to wait to need time for burning.
※I hand rearranging ticket at the time of congestion.

With the Sumida River grill
kizu*sha*haramari* (saharakikuu) of our garden started with naming "the Sumida River grill" the Sumida River grill including hand-molded earthenware using soil around the Sumida River.
We were succeeded afterward for five generations, but kiln was destroyed by fire by Tokyo blitzkrieg of 1945 and has been cut off afterwards.
Current hand-molded earthenware experience reproduces a part of the format at the time to convey history and culture.

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