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Sumida-ku, Taito-ku cultural exchange business commemorative after the death of "Hokusai and senryu" Hokusai for 170 years

"Senryu" which was created "Hokusai" born in Sumida-ku in Taito-ku
It was corner, but illustrator, Hokusai Katsushika proud to the world reached age of turning point called 170 years after the death in this year.
It was Hokusai known as having left many original paintings in ukiyoe print and later years including masterpiece "*takesanjurokukei", but had one side as "person of senryu" that caused many senryus.
In addition, as for "the senryu", it is done with opening what presided over "mankuawase mankuawase" to touch senryu senryuga, prize that ei where we lived in near Motoasakusa, Taito-ku is severe in, and to invite public participation for phrase three years before Hokusai is born.

"Hokusai" and "senryu" which were created in the same times.

As cultural exchange business of both Sumida, Taito wards, we hold "Hokusai and senryu" to send each charm, and to do with opportunity to have many people know new one side of Hokusai.

Commencing with offer of senryu associated with Hokusai and Edo, we carry out various cooperation business such as workshop, lecture, visiting historic spots to send charm of "Hokusai and senryu".

Offer of senryu
We are raising senryus which featured the theme of Hokusai and Edo!

"Hokusai and senryu" workshop
In both Sumida, Taito wards, we hold workshop about "Hokusai and senryu" each!

"Hokusai and senryu" visiting historic spots
We hold town walk tour around historic spot connected with "Hokusai" and "senryu"!

"Hokusai and senryu" lecture
It is day of the Hokusai birth, and lecture about "Hokusai" and "senryu" is carried out in *kyoji of Taito-ku where Hokusai sleeps on September 23 that is the first senryu mourning!

"Hokusai and senryu" panel display
"Hokusai" comments on the origin and relation of "senryu" and holds panel exhibition to introduce senryu offer excellence work to!

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