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Yasuhiro Suzuki "ship of fastener"

Group name: It is "dream executive committee to the Sumida River all things in nature sumi"
The date: From Saturday, November 02, 2019 to Sunday, November 10, 2019 12:00-14:00
Wednesday, September 25, 2019 18:00-20:00
Friday, October 04, 2019 18:00-20:00
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 18:00-20:00
Venue: The Sumida River: /9/25 round-trip between Azumabashi - Sakurabashi, 10/4 talk event site: sumida Hokusai Museum MARUGEN100 (2-7-2, Kamezawa, Sumida-ku)/10/16 talk event YKK60 building AZ1 hall (3-22-1, Kamezawa, Sumida-ku)
Project Name: Yasuhiro Suzuki "Zip-Fastener Ship"
Organized by: Sumiyume Executive Committee
Venue: Sumida River between Azumabashi and Sakurabashi/9/25, 10/4 The Sumida Hokusai Museum (2-7-2 Kamezawa, Sumida,Tokyo)/10/16 AZ1 Hall (YKK60 Building, 3-22-1 Kamezawa, Sumida City)

Masterpiece "ship of fastener" of artist, Yasuhiro Suzuki known as work which gives familiar everyday scenery fresh cut end, and turns view. We navigate in the Sumida River, and "ship of fastener" which became big topic comes up this year last year. It is the pivot of distribution in the Edo era, and fastener-shaped ship makes a round trip to river carrying role as city limit line now and opens the surface of the water and ties both sides.

[the date and time] From Saturday, November 2, 2019 to 10th Sunday 12:00-14:00
[place] The Sumida River: We commute between Azumabashi - Sakurabashi

■Talk event
We hold consecutive talk events by Yasuhiro Suzuki and guest. We change everyday scenery and dig into power of art to let you think about how to catch every things, charm of waterside of city.

Entrance fee: Free of charge

Application: We apply with form (https://bit.ly/2jWn5ro)

The first: "We feel boundary line, we trace, theme comes off"
We traced what kind of history while we changed from Edo to Tokyo, and would the Sumida River which ship of fastener opened bring up culture? We catch role of river as city limit line from various points of view.

[the date and time] Wednesday, September 25 18:00-20:00
[venue] sumida kitasaibijutsukankozashitsu (2-7-2, Kamezawa, Sumida-ku)
[guest] Naoyuki Kinoshita (Mayor of Shizuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, University of Tokyo's emeritus professor)
[capacity] 60 people

The second: Theme "thinks about town from waterside"
The Sumida River which it is the pivot of distribution in the past, and sees cherry blossoms in spring, and is full of fireworks in the summer. We think about charm of river space including atmosphere and vitality of town that scenery of waterside brings and possibility of utilization.

[the date and time] Friday, October 4 18:00-20:00
[venue] sumida kitasaibijutsukankozashitsu (Kamezawa, Sumida-ku 2–7–2)
[guest] Hidenobu Jinnai (building historiographer, Hosei University specially appointed professor)
[capacity] 60 people

The third: Theme "is full of fastening"
What is structure of fastening (connected)? We talk with Minari Nishio of artist performing fastening show in Sakurabashi on October 26 about the secret of what "it leads" to with professional of fastening business of YKK this and that.

[the date and time] Wednesday, October 16 18:00-20:00
[venue] YKK60 building AZ1 hall (3-22-1, Kamezawa, Sumida-ku)
[guest] Minari Nishio (artist), others
[capacity] 100 people

Ship of fastener navigates the Sumida River in \\ this year. As for the allied talk event…

It is contribution Tuesday, September 17, 2019 of dream to the Sumida River all things in nature sumi

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