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Chase vintage bus which disappeared! Place ... of ... Jiro good luck and memory

Period: Place held for from Sunday, September 1, 2019 to Saturday, November 30: Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Taito-ku entrance fee: Free participation booklet distribution place: Ryogoku tourist information center
Azumabashi tourist information center
[Tobu bus] the Skytree shuttle information desk
Sangyo Kanko Plaza Sumida Machidokoro
The Ueno information desk (Matsuzakaya Ueno PARCO shop B1 floor)
Asakusa culture sightseeing center
Parks Ueno (the park information desk)
Tobu tourist information center Asakusa
The assumption time required: <art>
Skill course: About two hours
Art course: About two hours
Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine Buddhist temple course: About two hours
Cultural assets course: About two hours

Bottle day magnetic field that Jiro good luck was running in this town in old days.
We loved this town and grandfather of owner and it was kept carefully now by garage, but one day has disappeared suddenly.

Very much! Jiro good luck gainakunatteshimouta!

Today is 80-year-old birthday of eagle.
We may want to celebrate with Jiro good luck to stay together all the time since we were born…

But we do not know where you have gone at all how you have been not.
Possibly buses of town may take with them to place that there is of Jiro good luck.
Request finds Jiro good luck!

Jiro good luck seems to go around various places of town somehow when we ask buses of town.
We find Jiro good luck, and, over town, let's tell grandfather!

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