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People who supported person samurai - perfect peace―

〝 samurai 〟. which is used a lot as keyword reflecting the image of Japan regardless of home and abroad However, it varies by people what you associate with the words. About people whom samurai including samurai family, samurai, samurai, unemployed person expresses, it may be hard to say that we use these words on the basis of the historic actual situation. Therefore, in this exhibition, you see state of living and job of samurai =〝 person 〟 in the Edo era that is the origin of modern samurai image and want to review image of samurai.

We do not stay to introduce an abstract samurai appearing to so-called samurai Taoist book at this exhibition. As whereabouts of General Tokugawa, we highlight from picture work and Old photograph in those days how samurai worked in scenery of Edo that was one of the best big cities in the world. In addition, regardless of famous anonymity, house of samurai sees life of raw samurai who people of the Edo era see and hear from many transmitted business products, and got close.

We reproduce figure of samurai who lived in city Edo proud of maximum samurai family population and the suburbs here in those days.

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