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Genealogy - Wakanohana (the first generation), Takanosato of yokozuna and Kisenosato―

As for the teacher of yokozuna, Kisenosato, yokozuna, Takanosato, the teacher are hard on yokozuna, Wakanohana (the first generation) for 45 generations for 59 generations for 72 generations.
Kisenosato who won the championship at the (2017) New Year's Grand Sumo Tornament for the first time in 2017, and was promoted to yokozuna. With yokozuna recommendation type in Meiji Shrine, we closed makeup mawashi which Wakanohana (the first generation) used and dedicated yokozuna sumo wrestler's ceremonial entrance into the ring. In addition, model of sumo wrestler's ceremonial entrance into the ring is cloud dragon type same as Wakanohana (the first generation), and special thought for Wakanohana (the first generation) is felt.
Topknot-cutting ceremony of Kisenosato is finally held after the place in September and finishes sumo wrestler life some other time. As the genealogy of yokozuna contacting Kisenosato this time, we pay attention to Wakanohana (the first generation), 3 yokozunas of Takanosato. We would appreciate your thinking in each time proud of popularity.

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