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sumida boys and girls chorus sumida music festival 2019


We send good old theme song and soundtrack which invited ex-children to dreamland, Japanese masterpiece as "bouquet of song"♪
1.THUNDERBIRDS (Thunderbird) composition: Barry Gray
2.We pick you up than "LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky" and write a song: Hayao Miyazaki composition: Jo Hisaishi
3.Space Blazer words: Yu Aku composition: Hiroshi Miyagawa
4.Magma ambassador words: Tatsuo Hasegawa composition: Naozumi Yamamoto
5.Triton words of the sea: Haruo Hayashi composition: Hiromasa Suzuki
6.AMAZING GRACE (Amazing Grace) words: Person of John Newton composition is unknown
7.Dance seems to be clear; words: The Alan Jay Lerner text of a song in translation: Tokiko Iwatani composition: Frederick Loewe
8.Beauty and the Beast words: Howard Ashman composition: Alan Menken
9.We write a song of A Whole New World than "Aladdin": Tim Rice composition: Alan Menken
10.PRIDE words, composition: Wakamatsu joy
11.Ballad words of monster: Tomiko Okada composition: Osamu Shoji
12.Words that flower blooms: Shunji Iwai composition: Yoko Kanno
13.Red dragonfly words: Rofu Miki composition: Kosaku Yamada

The above, arrangement: All Jun Koda

♪We play with all of the orchestras so that friendship of song of sumidade spreads. Please come for asking at this opportunity.


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