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sumida public bath stamp rally 2019

"sumida public bath stamp rally 2019" begins on Wednesday, July 10. Exclusive stamp notebook is available at public bath in Sumida-ku. Confirmation of business hours and regular holiday of each public bath, traffic access, please use Tokyo public bath map.
In addition, we can gather stamps of "public bath pilgrimage" for whole Tokyo or "public bath pilgrimage" for application at the same time, too.

"sumida public bath stamp rally 2019" conduct summary
Period From Wednesday, July 10 to Monday, September 30
Summary: We present one piece of free bathing ticket to mount of stamp rally to distribute at public bath in Sumida-ku whenever we collect five bathhouse marks. We present original T-shirt to the first 200 people when we achieve all 18 houses.

※Stamp rally applies to adult (more than junior high student).
※Stamp rally participation is all 18 houses, but may be changed during stamp rally period.

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