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Tokyo goldfish Wonderland 2019

By advertisement signboard and miscellaneous goods, decoration such as goldfish lanterns, retro coloration and picture direction of design that imaged the Showa era, goldfish display space where "fatty re is pretty" appears in "Edo riumu".‌
In floor, picture which goldfish expressed in picture in watercolors faintly swims is projected, and ripple of water spreads when we walk over picture and takes in interactive direction.‌
Picture direction and nostalgia to let you feel change of time be wrapped up in flavor and music of original aroma of theme, and please enjoy new goldfish appreciation experience in space letting you feel nostalgia.‌
Display kind: wakin, goldfish, popeyed goldfish, white crane with a red crest, gold fish, about ten kinds including yellow comet

Approach of Sumida-ku Tourism Association

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