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Pull the second sumida street jazz Festival in; ship

It is start in "we wait for SSJF Hikifune from 2018 to open "sumida street jazz Festival" to enliven summer of Sumida-ku (the following corner jazz) every year throughout Sumida-ku corner executive committee". Is hosted by our executive committee last year; "pull the first corner jazz in; visit had cooperate in various places where there were many ships", and it was the fantastic beginning. Thanks to you, "we pull the second corner jazz in and hold ship" this year on Sunday on Saturday, August 17, 2019, 18th! Immigrant, local people, local store, company, Hikifune fan, artist become one and color town of Hikifune by all venue for free, administration by volunteer like "the tenth corner jazz" to invite the tenth to in this year happily. Traditional scenery, living remain in this downtown area well. Furthermore, artist, creators who Hikifune area where history of manufacturing including small factory in town breathes is attracted by freeness of activity, and emigrate increase. New wind has just begun, but, in traditional charm, thinks that you can enjoy charm of prospective Hikifune area compositely.

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