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The temporary exhibition "sports and Tokyo Olympics of Edo"

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Paralympics that finally approached the next year. In this hotel, we put together at time one year before the start and will hold exhibition reading history of sports and the Olympics in Japan.

We display football kemari, sumo of the Edo era, various information including competition tool and medal of Japanese who played an active part in modern Olympics from picture and tools about daiga dakyunadono tradition-like competition. We survey traditional "sports" played in the Edo era and it is held and introduces history before reaching with meeting invitation to the Tokyo Olympics in reception of modern sports after the Meiji era and participation in Olympics from the fashion and 1964. We introduce summaries of the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics meet in 2020 and heap up a feeling of expectation to festival of the second global sports becoming held in Tokyo.

In addition, as for this exhibition, as for the child who is younger than junior high student, primary schoolchild of Tokyo residence, attendance at school, viewing charges are free of charge! Please arrive.

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