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The Grand Sumo Tournament that is in the latter half of the Edo era

Exhibition titled the "beginning of the Grand Sumo Tournament" "Grand Sumo Tournament of Tameemon Raiden and generous politics" introduced the Grand Sumo Tournament that was in the middle of the Edo era last year in sumo Museum. We investigate aspect until the late Tokugawa period following these this time. Many audiences flocked to the Grand Sumo Tournament while it was in the latter half of the Edo era, and merchant culture founded flower mainly on the Edo era, and illustrators described sumo wrestler competitively, too. Rokunosuke Ounomatsu (pine green of chasing be not crowded) and Raigoro Inazuma (inazumaraigorou) of yokozuna, sumo wrestlers including Kyugoro Jinmaku (he/she looks moxacautery to wind up to pitch a camp) may say that it was star of Edo along with Kabuki actor. Not only looks of sumo wrestler but also sumo wrestling hall and the audience are seen from color woodblock print. Please thoroughly enjoy the world of the Grand Sumo Tournament that general public of Edo were excited at.

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