About Sumida-ku Tourism Association

Recruitment of members

About member of Sumida-ku Tourism Association

Purpose of the enrollment

We plan economic development and activation of the whole Sumida-ku through promotion of tourist industry, and general Sumida-ku Sightseeing Association is intended that we contribute to improvement of inhabitant of a ward life. I would like the enrollment after agreement for this purpose.

Fee and membership

Enrollment fee
It is annual sum 2,000 yen per one share
Regular member
More than two shares (member with voting right in general meeting)
※Group, please appear more than five shares if possible.
Supporting member
One share (member without voting right in general meeting)
☆As fee becomes unit in the year, in the case of the enrollment in the middle, please bear the total amount in the year.

Membership benefit (regular member, supporting member)

  1. At the following stores, 10% of shopping is available at discount.
    ・Industrial tourism plaza sumidamachi toko
    ・Ryogoku tourist information center
    ・Azumabashi tourist information center
    ・Sightseeing Association corner in Edo Tokyo museum
    (in the case of the use, please show member's card by all means)
  2. Various books, guidebooks of association issuance become 10% - 30% of discount.
  3. 20% of association calendars become discount.
  4. We accept consultation of various trips including recreational trip and trip to town assembly.
  5. We show around advantageous "sightseeing in sumida ticket".
  6. We accept consultation about distribution such as advertisement, flyer of shop.
※Regular member can publish free publication (introductions such as shops) and banner ad (pay) to association homepage more.

Enrollment application method

You have you input matter necessary for application form, and please transmit to association window.
After the reception desk, I send fee payment notice.
We take even mail, FAX.

Report of enrollment (PDF) downloading

Inquiry / application

The Sumida-ku Tourism Association secretariat (3-4-5, Azumabashi, Sumida-ku)
TEL: 03-5608-6951/FAX: 03-5608-7130 

Enrollment application is this