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Amphibians are reptiles masterpiece wars

Amphibians are reptiles masterpiece war from September 14 to January 14
[place] 〒 131-0045
1-1-2, Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Skytree town SORA gusset 5F.6F

Event that we go, and thing flocks to have unknown habit and skill in spite of being appearance that zawazawa does unintentionally as soon as we paint to paint with as the collaboration event third with "moving illustrated book MOVE of Kodansha" holds "amphibians, reptiles masterpiece round!". You can see eight kinds of breath things including Surinam toad of flat body doing child care with chirimennagakubigame, back to prey on with Mexico salamander doing yokeinarijuku by appearance saying that we paint to paint with, aojitatokage threatening enemy with blue tongue, neck such as snake. Please enjoy surprising life of smart things that you do not usually see slowly and carefully in sumida aquarium and the charm

Sumo referee attire

Sumo referee attire from October 23 to December 26
[place] 〒 130-0015
1-3-28, Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo (Kokugikan 1F)

From 14:00 on Friday, November 9, Friday, December 7
Those who wish to participate come to sumo Museum exhibition room.

One of the things creating the Grand Sumo Tournament beautifully has sumo referee attire. It may be said that sumo referee attire sewed by thread and how to weave various colors is already work of art. Sumo referee is existence to increase color on the sumo ring where intense approach is developed. Since the Edo era, sumo referee judged approach with hemp old ceremonial dress (asagamishimo). Hemp old ceremonial dress which is formal dress of samurai was sumo wrestler and thing which we were able to take of harmony, but changes to court dress (hitatare), formal headwear for court nobles (Eboshi) figure in (1910) May in 1910. Court dress is said to be when we cover hair of sumo referee who this cuts down on chignon, and did not look good with old ceremonial dress with formal headwear for court nobles when decorativeness becomes higher. Mainly on thing which dyeing and weaving designer, shodaiwakamatsuka* (1895-1974 that Wakamatsu goes to) designed this time, we introduce colorful attire. In addition, we display including referee's fan and pillbox (pillbox), short sword which sumo referee wears. Taking the opportunity of this, we would appreciate your paying attention to sumo referee whom the Grand Sumo Tournament cannot miss.

Treasure - to color ball - ancient times

Treasure - from October 23 to December 9 to color ball - ancient times
[place] 〒 130-0015 1-4-1, Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Closed day: Monday

We hold book exhibition in cooperation with ancient history culture and deep ancient history culture meeting consisting of 14 prefectures of connection. Based on joint result of research "balls of Burial Mound age" of ancient history culture meeting, we display historic significance of ancient ball clearly. It was old, and people found occultness which soul, ghost (Tama) understood as well as beauty to give glory to the position more and handled ball as one of a kind carefully. Besides, ancient power structure and relations between areas, ball becomes extremely important clue in elucidating inner space. Book exhibition constitutes mainly on exhumation balls of Burial Mound age including national treasure, important cultural property which we chose from each places of the whole country. Through ball which can be called crystal of sense of beauty of ancient people, we introduce the ancient Japanese history, culture widely.

Vienna World Exposition

Vienna World Exposition from November 3 to January 14
[place] 〒 130-0003
1-16-3, Yokokawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Monday (weekdays Monday in the case of holiday, holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday just after that), the year-end and New Year holidays (from December 29 to January 3)
※Temporary closing: Friday, November 2, 2018
Adult, university student It is (certificate required) 50 yen, small, middle and high school student 50 yen 100 yen, 65 years old or older
Vienna World Exposition held in 1873 is international exposition where we participated in formally for the first time nationally for Japan and can feel the enthusiasm from document group that there remains. We consider Vienna World Exposition for Japan while displaying document of participation preliminary stage of Vienna World Exposition, document and document indicating movement of the later industry which were actually exhibited at exhibition by book exhibition.

Topics of town

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Plan exhibition with "world - lost scenery of god of water company Yoritomo Minamoto legend -" from September 15 to November 25 HP
[place] sumida native district culture museum 2-3-5, Mukoujima, Sumida-ku
Contact sumida kyodobunkashiryokan 03-5619-7034 

We introduce that we were founded around Sumida accommodation in the Middle Ages about the local scenery before modern times concerned and Yoritomo Minamoto legend local, to sleep mainly on possession document of coming god of water company (Sumida River Shrine). In addition, we hold plan exhibition connection lecture.

◆Closed day: Monday (but we are closed on October 9 on opening, September 18 of the next day, 25th on September 17, 24th, holiday on October 8), fourth Tuesday
◆Time: From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (as for the admission until half past 4)
◆Admission charges: There are personal 100 yen, other groups discount

Plan exhibition "world - scenery and Yoritomo Minamoto legend - that we were lost of god of water company"

※ Please refer to each holding group for inquiry about topics of town directly.